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Hi, I am create a co-op bundle to celebrate World Environment Day, I want invited you to join, all content related with nature and environment can be join, if you are interested you have join in the follow link:

I'm excited and I appreciate your interest and your participation, thank you very much and good luck!


I'm new to 3D but and this might be a dumb question but I am looking for .obj with .mtl files. Are those included and what do they both do? Is the Obj the model and the mtl texture?

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Hope to hear from you soon.

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Sloppy Joe Studios

Hi, I just imported the assets into the Unreal Engine 4 and all of them came as white. What should I do to keep their materials?

Hi, i'd like to look at including your assets in a project but I need to clarify a few things. Can you please provide me with an email address - my contact is

Many thanks

Hi if it's again a question about creating unique assets or to use this assets in a unique way, than the answer for both products will be no.
There's no way for me to create assets for one unique lizenz. If it's not so and you're not one of you collegues, who has asking me a similar question a while ago, than please reply to this post and I'll contact you.


No nothing like this.  We are releasing a product for Nintendo Switch. It is a 'learn to code' application that users can create their own games and apps. It may also be released on Windows, Android, Xbox, Playstation and Apple devices.

I'd like to include your assets. I would like to send you more information and I have a few questions to go along with this.

You can contact me at

It's there no castle inside walls? I haven't seen it.

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You can build your own castle more or less with all this objects. :)
A castle (prefab) is not included. 
But nevertheless 202 objects in this cartoon style are included. 
I'm planning to release a Volume 2 and / or Volume 3 of this series, but I think this take me a while to create.
More stuff will come in 2018 (as separate packages).