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This Package comes with more than 9660 tiles.

(483 unique tiles * 5 color versions * 4 styles = 9660 tiles.)
(Blocks, Water tiles (animation), trees, crystals, rocks, flowers, and much more!)

There 4 different styles  and also 5 color variations of each tile. I've prepared 4 rendered .png versions (0.5x, 0.75x, 1x and 2x) but there's also a svg * version of each file. This means you can scale it up without loss of quality (vector graphics).

Dimensions (Grass Block):
0.50x = ca. 105px * 100px
0.75x = ca. 160px * 155px
1.00x = ca. 215px * 105px
2.00x = ca. 430px * 410px
.svg     = any size * any size

* .svg is sadly only for "comic", "comic-extreme" and "flat" available. All other styles are just .png files, because of their half vector and raster format. 

If you need more styles, check out my styles+ pack:


  • Update 1.2 - Water Update is released!
  • Update 1.3 - Style Update is released!

More updates for this package will follow.
There's much more planned - be prepared for the absolut isometric madness!


Buy Now$23.94 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $23.94 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Isometric Asset Standard Pack 1.3.5.zip 807 MB

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You should create a way to apply these easily to 3D objects too, your art is fantastic, but my game is 3D (with a pixelizer on top)


Sir do you have any guide which explains how to implement these tiles into Unity?

I bought the 2D isometric starter kit ... do I need a special software to use it ??

You could use it in Unity or UE4 but also tile mapping via Gimp, "Tiled", Photoshop, Inkscape or similar programs are totally fine. 

I think it depends on you, which way you prefer to set up your game.

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hi, I have your asset from humble bundle 2disometricstarterstylekit. In the folder, it said it will include the smooth style too but it does not have that style. Can you clarify? Also, the game dev market link doesn't exist anymore. How do I get the updates for it? I guess you forgot to upload the smooth style folder for it maybe?

thank you for getting in touch with me.
With the Humble-Bundle Asset-Pack, you've got the "2D Isometric Starter Style Plus Kit".

This means the following styles are included:
Comic-extreme, Paper, Semi-realistic, shadows, and semi-realistic-ghost.

All other styles are not included.
If you wish to have the other ones too, you've to buy the other pack "2D Isometric Starter, Standard Kit"

Currently, there're no updates since the purchase. But there will be updates in the future. I'll write GameDevMarket to clarify why the links are dead.
This could take a few days until everything will work again.


what's the differences between this one and https://cryptogene.itch.io/2d-isometric-starter-style-plus-kit-svg-vector-files

thank you!

thank you for getting in touch with me.

Both packages have different styles.
Please have a look to the pictures in the description:

(Starter Pack)

(Starter Style Plus Pack)

Best Regards

I just look at the snapshot but not the text style in the pic ,  I know why I didn't find the differences before.

thank you for your reply.

What program do you use to put the tiles together and build your level?

You could use it in Unity or UE4 but also tile mapping via Gimp, Photoshop, Inkscape or similar programs are totally fine. 

I think it depends on you, which way you prefer to set up your game. 

I see.  Sorry - I'm just trying to figure out how to actually make this a game.  Thank you!

You're welcome 


hi! i love this assets very much, is there any characters and monsters that mathes this assets? thank you for reply

I've created some Creature / Monster asset packs (animated and with no animation). ;) 

Just go to my portfolio here on Itch.io. 


the monsters are those bat-like creatures?  i think most of them look like each other,  i think you can creat some varies from reptiles to flying creature, so that's suitable for games. anyway,  can i use this assets in commercial games? thank you!

There a lot more creatures like these planned. Also humans as battler, but it takes me a little time to create these graphics. 

Of course! 

You can use all my asset packs here for your commercial projects! =) 


wow! I'm looking forward that!