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What program do you use to put the tiles together and build your level?

You could use it in Unity or UE4 but also tile mapping via Gimp, Photoshop, Inkscape or similar programs are totally fine. 

I think it depends on you, which way you prefer to set up your game. 

I see.  Sorry - I'm just trying to figure out how to actually make this a game.  Thank you!

You're welcome 


hi! i love this assets very much, is there any characters and monsters that mathes this assets? thank you for reply

I've created some Creature / Monster asset packs (animated and with no animation). ;) 

Just go to my portfolio here on 


the monsters are those bat-like creatures?  i think most of them look like each other,  i think you can creat some varies from reptiles to flying creature, so that's suitable for games. anyway,  can i use this assets in commercial games? thank you!

There a lot more creatures like these planned. Also humans as battler, but it takes me a little time to create these graphics. 

Of course! 

You can use all my asset packs here for your commercial projects! =) 


wow! I'm looking forward that!