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Creature Pack 1 Comic + Semi-Realistic Style

This creature package comes with 5 creatures * 4 directions * 2 styles = 40 poses and more than 180 animations for each style! 
(Just the red ones)

It can be used with the RPG Maker series or other game engines.
This pack contains the creature 1 battler.
For more or all battler please check also my other packages out!

 I've prepared 4 rendered .png versions (0.5x, 0.75x, 1x and 2x) of the single parts, but there's also a svg  version of each file. This means you can scale it up without loss of quality (vector graphics). 

All animations are available in 1x and 2x the size.

Dimensions (creature 1 Lv. 5) the other creatures are similar: 
0.50x = ca. 131px * 118px
0.75x = ca. 197px * 177px 
1.00x = ca. 263px * 237px 
2.00x = ca. 526px * 474px 
.svg     = any size * any size

* There's also a .svg version for the semi-realistic style, but because it's textured it's texture will be stretched a little, if you scale it up. In the most cases looks it despite that beautiful. =)


Buy Now$8.94 USD or more

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Monster Pack 001.zip 644 MB
Monster Pack 001 SR.zip 938 MB

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